What should be the setback for houses in Chennai ?

The concept of setback has been implemented so as

  • To improve the air circulation quality around the building and also to help preventing fire from spreading to neighbouring plots,
  • Especially in the corner plots FSI plays an import role by increasing the visibility and safety from traffic, it provides privacy from the neighbouring building,
  • These setback spaces also acts as a buffer to control the outdoor nuisance from the road

Setback might differ in different region depending on the size of the plot, road , One or multisided plots etc.

There are few structures or built elements that can be constructed on a set back which includes

  • Sunshade (less than 0.6m),
  • wardrobes above ground floor(less than 0.6m),
  • non continues balconies (less than 1.20m),
  • architectural projections (less than 1m),
  • open service veranda to kitchen above ground floor (less than 1.20m),
  • Staircase open landing projections by not affecting the drive way below (less than 1m)
  • Cantilevered portico so long as it does not fall within 1.5m from the street alignment or boundary of the site which ever is closer ,are few minimum standards that has to mandatorily followed as per CMDA .
  • This set back space on the ground floor can also be used for Parking vehicles , landscaping etc