What is the procedure for getting CMDA approval in Chennai ?

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority is the body responsible to take care of the approval process before construction of any landform or structure.

  • The first step would be categorising - Form “A” is for laying out landforms, Form “B (Special buildings etc.) & C (Industries etc.) ” is for construction.
  • To avail for approval from CMDA there are series of drawings that has to be submitted which should be made as per standard rules and regulations set up by CMDA failing for which approval may not be granted. The list of drawings include - Detailed site plan, Key plan , Floor plans , Elevation , Section which has to be attested by an architect or a surveyor and the documents such as Sale/ lease deed and clearance from competent authority should be submitted.
  • Approximately 45 days would be adequate to obtain approval from the date of filing. Once approval obtained the construction should take place within 3 years ,failing which the approval will expire and the same procedure has to be repeated.
  • If any construction is carried out without proper approval it would be considered unauthorised and can be demolished anytime as per bylaws .
  • In case any revisions made to original approved plan , the same has to be submitted again for the approval process.
  • Once your application is approved a demand will be sent to you by the local authority / CMDA for payment and this rate will depend land use purpose and the area. These site of construction would be Inspected by Government officials.
  • Special and muiltistoried buildings more than 4 floors (G+3) can be directly applied to CMDA , where as Chennai City Municipal Corporation / Municipality / Town Panchayat / Panchayat Union also has powers to issue approval for buildings in case of ordinary buildings.