What should be the sump capacity ?

Storing the water required for our daily usage is very important, whether it is borewell water or corporation water. It’s crucial to construct the sump with a proper capacity to fulfil the water needs and prevent it from running out. Let's have a look at how to determine the capacity of the sump required for your home.

The sump capacity will depend on several aspects, like the availability of water, the number of persons residing in the building, and the per capita demand per day. The size of the sump for a residence of four can start at 6000 litres of capacity and may increase with an increase in the number of people. On average, a person uses 135 litres of water per day, and this has to be multiplied by the number of persons, which will give us the total needed sump capacity per day.


Now that we know the required capacity of the sump, we can find the size of the sump pit required to store the preferred water quantity. Approximately, considering that 1 cubic feet equals 28 litres of water. For 6000 litres, we will require 215 cubic feet of sump capacity. The depth of the sump pit can be around 4.5–5 feet, which is ideal for a man to clean the pit. Dividing 215 cu ft by 5ft, we get 43 sq ft. The area of the sump can be allocated in accordance with the space available as length * breadth.

That's how we calculate an approximate size for the sump  required for a household while planning to build a new home.