What is the best direction to sleep as per Vastu?

Do you know that Vastu recommends certain directions for a good sleep? Sleeping directions are guidelines for sleeping in such a way that you receive favourable energies and reject unfavourable ones. Each direction has its own effect on the person sleeping. But according to Vastu, you are free to sleep with your head in any direction except NORTH.

Why? Because...


Sleeping with your head facing North, is strongly opposed. It might cause major illnesses and sleepless nights for the person sleeping in such a position. Both the earth and the human brain have magnetic fields of their own. Thus, keeping your head facing north might lead to interference between both magnetic fields.


Vastu Shastra highly recommends sleeping facing south, as this is believed to promote sound sleep and increase wealth and prosperity in the household.


Keeping your head in East direction increases memory, concentration and good health. Students must sleep with their head facing East in order to increase their memory, grasping power and concentration.


Sleeping in the west is also a favourable direction. Sleeping with your head facing West gives you fame, reputation and prosperity.

It is the responsibility of every Builders and Architects in Chennai to consider these while constructing a house and make sure that all the bedrooms are designed with the right Vastu for the welfare of the occupants.