What is list of drawings to start a house construction?

Home construction is an extensive process, and there are chances for mistakes or misconceptions. Hence, various sets of documents and drawings are required to construct them properly. First, let's get an idea about the drawings that are very important for the construction of your home.

A working drawing is properly dimensioned graphical information so as to ease the work of a contractor and bring out the work with quality and perfection on site. They may include architectural drawings, structural drawings, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, plumbing drawings, and so on.

The scale at which drawings are prepared should reflect the level of detail of the information they are required to convey. Different line thicknesses can be used to provide greater clarity for certain elements.

Architectural working drawings may be used for different purposes, including statutory approvals, for civil contractors in Chennai to plan the construction works, to provide instructions on site, for the procurement of components, for the preparation of shop drawings, and so on.

NOW, let's see the list of drawings required to start your home construction.


In this stage, the building site layout from the government documents are carefully noted and drafted. This is the stage where the rules and regulations like FSI, total buildable area, and the height restriction of the building are noted for the planning stage.


Once the rules and regulations are noted, building plans are made with the client's requirements in mind. This is the stage where elevations and building sections are made for the clients to visualise.


These set of drawings contain executable drawings with precise measurements and level markings so as to ease the work of construction on site.


With the completion of the architectural working drawings, structural grids and the necessary details pertaining to the structural aspect of the building are made with accuracy.

SERVICE DRAWINGS (Mechanical , Electrical , Plumbing , HVAC, etc.)

This is the stage when work starts getting executed on site, while simultaneously the service aspects of electrical and plumbing are planned and issued on site.


Once the framework of the building is made, a detailed shop drawing is issued for electrical and plumbing fittings and fixtures.


Once the Building is constructed with all the above-mentioned drawings, a detailed elevation drawing is issued that details the materials, textures, and finishes with precision.

Once these stages are completed on-site, Interior work gets started.

Apart from these, depending on the complexity of the design, construction details have to be provided wherever necessary.