Plastic Tank vs Concrete Water Tank


Plastic Water Tanks

Nowadays, plastic water tanks are popular and extensively used. The most common brand used by the Civil Contractors in Chennai is ‘Sintex’. Sintex uses molded food grade polyethylene water tanks which is the best quality.

These tanks are leak proof, rust proof, maintenance free and durable. It saves time for installation. It is portable as it is lightweight and hygienic, keeping the water odorless.

The price of the plastic water tanks depends upon the size of the tank. But, it is comparatively cheaper than concrete tanks.

Concrete Water Tanks

Concrete water tanks are the oldest types of water tank. It is strong and long-lasting. These tanks are used to store a larger capacity of water.

The cost of the concrete water tanks is high as compared to the plastic water tanks. It depends on the size of the tank and its floor height location.

These tanks have the tendency to crack over the years and it is difficult to repair. Architecture Firms in Chennai takes more time and includes labor cost.

Parameters Plastic Water Tanks Concrete Water Tanks
Material The water tanks are light weight as they are made of Polyethylene They are heavy and strong as they are made of reinforced concrete
Transportation Transported anywhere and up to any height They are constructed at the same location
Construction Installation is easier than Concrete tanks Skilled people are required for construction and to make it waterproof
Cost Plastic Tanks are cheaper as compared to any other tanks. Concrete Tanks are expensive due to construction by RCC.
Leakage They are less prone to leakage Leakage may become a major problem, if not constructed carefully
Maintenance Plastic water tanks need less maintenance but don’t last for several years Maintenance cost is high. But if maintained regularly then it may last longer than Plastic tanks
Temperature During summer, water becomes hot quickly Water stays cool as compared to that in Plastic tanks
Shape They are available in Cylindrical and Cuboid shape They can be constructed in any shape and capacity depending upon the requirement and availability of space.