Aerocon Blocks or AAC Block – Advantages and Disadvantages


What are Aerocon Blocks?

Aerocon Blocks also called AAC blocks means Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is new materials surface in the home construction market in the last Decade. This material gained its momentum in the market due to its Light weight property which saves masonry labour cost compared to Brick or solid Cement Blocks. Many Civil Contractors in Chennai prefer AAC block for cost saving purposes. There are also some claim that this is a Green Material  ..?? But in what way..?

Before getting into Advantages and Disadvantages of this Material, let break the myths.

Cost of AAC block is low: Absolutely not. Cost of per unit of AC block come around 115/Sqft (Update March 2024), which is relatively higher than the cost of Bricks / Solid Blocks.
Required Minimal Cement Mortar: No Again. AAC block masonry works should be done only by using proper adhesives made of OPC cement, polymers, graded aggregates, etc.
Waterproof: The Aeration process creates lots of internal pores which cannot withstand water in a long time. Not a water proof.

Other Major Advantages :

  • Certified as Green Product. The materials used in the production of these blocks are certified as green products and are environment friendly. They do not emit VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which leads to environmental pollution.
  • Easy to install. They are easy to install and can complete the construction procedure in a shorter span.
  • The aircrete (tiny air bubbles trapped) structure of Aerocon bricks results in light-weight blocks. Light weight partition walls are best advised and safe for the building.
  • Walls built with Aerocon bricks, with a minimum thickness of 100mm can resist fire for up to four hours which make them the safe choice in construction.
  • The edges of the blocks allow easy work-ability and accurate dimension which makes it easy to cut, drill, nail and shape.

Disadvantages : 

  • Wall cracks occur after completion of Project
  • The initial cost for the manufacturing plant is high compared to bricks.