5 Things to Check Before Signing Your Construction Agreement With Your Construction Firm.

The most important step in building a custom home is selecting the right Construction firm. With so many small-time builders in the field, it's really hard to find an experienced professional to construct your dream home. No worries.

Here is the Top 5 Things to Check before Signing Your Construction Agreement with Your Civil Contractors in Chennai.


When choosing your building contractor, never forget to check their years of experience. Experience gives you the ability and knowledge to handle projects. An experienced Contractor blends their experience with knowledge, making your home more efficient. Check all the proofs of the company’s existence. Check their Incorporation Certificate, PAN Card, and GST certificate, where you can see the start date of the Business.


These days, anyone can create a website for just 5000 rupees with ready-made content and images from the internet. So, it’s important to check for the Real team, portfolio, and site photos. Verify their number of employees and ongoing sites. Visit their office facility and experience their hospitality to know the ground reality. If possible, visit their ongoing sites to get an idea of their work.


A common mistake a homeowner makes is selecting a small-time builder only because they quoted low. A few small-time builders quote low prices just to get your project and leave it unfinished. They lack a basic understanding of the cost, specifications, and use poor purchase methods. So, never get trapped by the trick.

Whereas, an Experienced Building contractors in Chennai knows what they are quoting. They have a clear understanding of the market changes that might arise and will be prepared to handle the issues with proper planning. Hence, they provide smooth project management.


Good design increases the value of your property. So, checking the design capabilities of your construction firm is crucial. Small-time builders mostly outsource designs for a cheap price: a basic floor plan and elevation design. These poor designs can decrease the value of your property.

A full set of detailed architectural designs is a must for the perfect output. Professionals with deep expertise and experience in the field can provide those detailed designs. Check for in-house architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, and visualizers. Check for the COA registration of the architects and the employee’s years of experience in the company.


Nowadays, technology is everywhere. The world is moving towards advancement. Is your building contractor upgrading to the new technological evolution?

Proper construction software is essential for tracking material usage, quantity, progress, quality checks, workers, purchases, costing, planning, and updates on a daily basis. Ensure that your Building Contractor has proper Construction Management Software for hassle-free project execution, updates, and transparency.

Planning to build your new home? Make sure that you check these 5 things before signing your construction agreement with your construction contractor. Research well and choose the Best Architecture Firms in Chennai for your home.